Share Your Story

Story telling is imbedded in the DNA of every human – it’s how we connect with people, how we share what we love, how we warn others of possible danger or pitfalls, and how we validate and accept those around us. For some, sharing their trauma helps them cope. For others, hearing stories of what others have gone through helps them feel like they aren’t so alone. Sharing happy stories can be empowering and help us learn to advocate for ourselves when seeking different outcomes. Stories and the people telling them are so important, and we want to help share yours!

Would you like to share a story with us about your journey to or through parenting? We would love to have you on the podcast to talk about your journey with fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, or parenting!

Did you struggle with fertility? Did you decide to have a surrogate birth? How about adoption? We would love to hear about it!

Was your pregnancy smooth sailing, or did you have every ailment in the book? Come share your unique perspective with us!

Did you have an all-natural birth? A planned c-section? Birth trauma? Miscarriage? Stillbirth? Every birth is birth, and we want to share the stories of your beautiful, wonderful children coming earthside.

Did you have an easy baby? Did you struggle with colic, lactation, or making the transition back to work? Come share your postpartum stories!

Are your kiddos a little older now? What are you struggling with, and what tips and tricks have you learned? Meltdowns and tantrums, transgender or gender fluid kiddos navigating transitioning, back talk, sass, potty training, etc. We want to hear it all!

You are not alone! Sharing your stories can help you navigate your own journey, and opening up and being vulnerable can help others feel connected, too. We would really love to have you come on the podcast and talk about your unique journey!

If you’re interested in coming on to talk about one of these topics (or another topic!!), let us know by filling out the form below!