9. Postpartum Plan – with Tourmaline Collective

On today’s episode, Elle and Taylor sit down with Allison Tartari and Maral Shabak of the Tourmaline Collective, which offers prenatal, postpartum, and birth services alongside a wellness team of holistic practitioners, to talk about Postpartum Plans. They discuss what a Postpartum Plan is, why it is essential to mental and physical recovery after labor and delivery, and how to go about creating one (along with tons of ideas about what to consider when making yours).

The goal of a postpartum plan to pre-plan a support system for the birthing person, baby, and partner for the weeks following delivery by anticipating their needs during the postpartum period, and figuring out ways to meet those needs before you’re in the thick of it. “One of the biggest reasons that women suffer from postpartum depression is a lack of sleep and a lack of well-balanced nutrition.” – Allison Tartari. They suggest that during the postpartum period, partners should check in with each other (and themselves!) several times a day to see how they’re doing, if their needs are being met, and what can be done to meet those needs. It may sound like overkill, but during the postpartum period where new routines are being established, it can be incredibly helpful to keep those lines of communication open.

Allison and Maral use Kimberly Ann Johnson’s Postpartum Plan to guide their clients through the creation of their own postpartum plan. It’s an extensive guide that asks pointed, specific questions for expecting parents to think about in terms of how they can handle situations and who they can call on for help in different areas. They suggest talking to your support people ahead of time. Check in and ask them if they would be available and willing to help in those specific areas (for example, some people might be totally fine coming over and helping clean your house for you, while others might be more comfortable cooking you a homemade meal and dropping it off, or being a listening ear when you’re having a tough time).

Ideas for what to include:

  • Who can you call when you are feeling overwhelmed?
  • Who will listen without judgment or advice?
  • What are your favorite/most nourishing meals? Can we delegate someone to organize a meal train for meals to be delivered/dropped off?
  • Is there someone who might be able to stay with you for a little while to help with overnights and that transition period?
  • Does your partner have someone to reach out to for emotional support?
  • What brings you joy and happiness? How can you implement those in small ways back into your life?


“Every single pregnant person on the planet needs a postpartum plan. Cuz you’re gunna get there! No matter what. It’s the one guarantee with pregnancy and birth is at some point, baby is gunna be outside of your body, and you’re gunna be in the recovery phase.” – Maral Shabak

“One of the biggest reasons that women suffer from postpartum depression is a lack of sleep and a lack of well-balanced nutrition.” – Allison Tartari

“Every time we evolve as a parent, and we become a parent again, we change. We need to give ourselves love and some slack and understand that things are gunna have to be different.” – Allison Tartari

“Nothing is returning to a pre-pregnancy state. That state is gone forever.” – Maral Shabak

“Intimacy is going to become about a lot of smaller actions, like sitting next to your partner, or the touch of an arm, or connecting and listening. Those are going to be the intimate moments that are really going to carry a relationship.” – Maral Shabak

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Today’s guest:

Allison Tartari and Maral Shabak of the Tourmaline Collective.

Located in the heart of Pacific Beach. Tourmaline, operated by 3 Licensed midwives, offers prenatal, postpartum, and birth services alongside a wellness team of holistic practitioners. Their team is made up of a naturopath, nutritionist, acupuncturist, herbalist, cranial sacral therapist, and pelvic floor therapist.

Their mission is to give holistic, evidence based care all while fostering community, and connection to the families we serve. In addition to medical and midwifery care they offer classes, support groups and education to the community. Most of these will be low cost or free, and will be supported by Thrive Community Wellness, a 501c(3) non-profit organization. They believe, to truly thrive, you must have all of your healthcare providers collaborating together to achieve the most optimal outcomes, using a whole body approach. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to providing a safe, beautiful, and tranquil wellness center.

You can find them on Instagram @tourmaline_collective and on their website tourmalinecollective.com or by phone at [NUMBER]

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Dr. Taylor Garcia is a Webster Certified Chiropractor located in the Orange County, California area, with a family practice that focuses on pregnant persons and babies. She is currently going through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s certification program and plans to have that completes by 2021. While not a mama yet, she is the consummate “mom friend,” and hopes to adopt with her partners in about 5 years. She is part of the LGBTQ+ community and polyamorous. She believes in focusing on health and wellness from before birth, and using that as a firm foundation for health and wellness throughout life. She believes in the importance of connection and consent in all aspects of life. She is a dancer, a writer, a bookworm, and a fan of music and musicals.

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