Elyse and Bryan’s Dreamy Wedding

The DJ picked up the microphone, bringing it to his lips, “Alright everyone, it’s time for the Anniversary Dance! If you’re married, get on out here and dance with your loved one with Elyse and Bryan! As the song plays, I’ll be calling out years of marriage, and if you haven’t made it to that milestone yet, you’re out! The last couple standing WINS!”

All of the married couples crowded the dance floor, surrounding Elyse and Bryan as the song began. Chris started calling out years of marriage, “One year… Three years… Five years…” Couples slowly started trickling back off the dance floor and to their seats.

“Ten years… Fifteen years… Twenty years…” Elyse and Bryan looked around and realized there were only 3 couples left on the dance floor – Elyse’s parents, Bryan’s dad and step-mom, and the pastor and his wife!

“Twenty-five years… Thirty years… Thirty-five years…” All three couples remained dancing, smiling at laughing as they all looked at each other, wondering which would hit their ceiling first.

“Forty years?” Chris asked, and still no one left the dance floor. “Forty-FIVE years?”

With a laugh and a sigh, both Elyse’s parents and Bryan’s dad and step-mom gave a nod to the pastor and his wife and exited the dance floor.

Chris came over and held his microphone out to the pastor, “And just how long have you been married to this beautiful woman?”

“Fifty-three wonderful years!” His wife smiled, blushed, and curtsied to the whole room, every person laughing, smiling, and clapping.

When you are surrounded by such a beautiful display of love that lasting, that amazing, that powerful, like Elyse and Bryan were on the dance floor of their wedding night, how could you NOT believe in happily ever afters and a dream come true?

Elyse and Bryan’s entire wedding day had that same dreamy feel to it, everything coming together so seamlessly and beautifully, celebrating their amazing love story (ten years in the making!).

Thank you so very much, Elyse and Bryan, for allowing us to be a part of such a truly magical day! Being a part of your day made Jeremy and me so appreciative and thankful for our own relationship, and helped make the dream of our wedding day (fast approaching!) seem so much more tangible. It was so special and humbling to watch how much everyone around you loves and cares for the two of you so deeply! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of capturing that love and those special memories for you to treasure as you make your own way towards winning that Anniversary Dance some day!

Detail photo of a letterboard that reads "Elyse & Bryan," a pair of bronze high heel shoes, and a soft white paper flower.  Detail photo of a bronze high heel shoe and a soft white paper flower.Three bridesmaids in pink floral robes cheers-ing the bride in a white floral robe. All seated on a white bedspread.   

A detail photo of a pair of crystal drop earrings on a cream colored ribbon with a white background.

A bride holding her bouquet against a white background.  A groom in a tie and waistcoat adjusting his cuff links against a white background.The back of a bride's dress. The dress has translucent straps with beaded edges, and the bride's hair is half-up and half-down, curled on the bottom, with a crystal hair clip.  The bride holding holding her bouquet, surrounded by her three bridesmaids in lavender dresses, fluffing her dress. 

  The look of surprise on a groom's face as he sees his bride for the first time in her wedding dress.   A bride covers her mouth in pleased surprise at seeing her groom in his wedding outfit for the first time.

 After the first look, a bride and groom give each other an emotional hug.   Three bridesmaids in lavender dress grouped casually around the bride. All are holding bouquets casually (either hanging at their sides or flung over their shoulders.

   A bridesmaid in a lavender dress. She is glancing down off camera and holding a bouquet.

   A casual shot of the bridesmaids. One is holding her bouquet, and another has her shoes flung over her shoulder.A detail shot of the side of a white gazebo, dripping with pink and white flowers. A white gazebo with a white-draped table in it. The gazebo is dripping with white and pink flowers, and is surrounded by white rose bushes and pink flowers.   A close up detail shot of a potted lavender plant. A detail shot of a succulent, lavender, and soft pink bouquet, a gray card box, and a bronze lantern.  A bride during her wedding ceremony - the wind has lifted her veil and fanned it back and away from her in a beautiful arc. She is smiling and looking off camera.A bridesmaid smiling at the bride (unseen) during the wedding ceremony. She is wearing a lavender dress and holding a bouquet.A groom smiling at his bride as they exchange their wedding vows.A bridesmaid looking down and over her shoulder (at an unseen flower girl) during the wedding ceremony. She is wearing a lavender spaghetti strap dress.The bride and groom kissing after saying their wedding vows. The bride and groom snuggling close together. The bride has her bouquet draped around the groom's shoulder, and the edge of her veil can be seen in the foreground.     A white 2-layer wedding cake with white swirls, a purple ribbon, and a crystal sparkle ribbon. The cake topper is light colored wood and reads "Mr. and Mrs. Budrow." A detail shot of wedding favors - tiny bars of lavender soap on a purple, pink, and white tray, surrounded by sprigs of rosemary. The soaps are wrapped in brown paper that reads "Elyse and Bryan [heart] 5-11-19" A close up photo of the bride and groom champagne glasses in front of a centerpiece of white hydrangeas and purple iris.A bride and groom holding their champagne glasses up to toast. They are seated at a white-draped table with a centerpiece of purple iris. Also on the table is the bride's succulent, lavender, and soft pink bouquet.A side view of a white wedding cake with purple and sparkle ribbons around the two tiers. In the background, out of focus, you can see the bride and groom holding up their champagne glasses to toast. A groom in a black suit with a lavender boutonniere, laughing off camera with cake smeared on his cheek.,    The Jr. Groomsman and the Ring Bearer dancing. A man with a drink in his hand dancing at a wedding. He is surrounded by other wedding guests. A photo of wedding guests dancing. They are all raising their hands and clapping. A bridesmaid in a lavender wedding dress dancing with a red drink in her hand. She is looking at the camera and smiling. The mother and father of the bride dancing together. They are smiling at the camera. The bride and groom slow dancing on the dance floor. A man in a black suit dancing with a woman in a blue jumpsuit and an orange shrug. The bride in the center of the dance floor. She is holding a purple drink and pointing at someone. Everyone around her is dancing. A lady in a blue jumpsuit with an orange shrug leading a conga line that contains several bridesmaids and groomsmen, among other people. The bride and her mom (wearing a maroon lace dress) dancing together. A man in a black suit and a woman in a blue jumpsuit with an orange shrug dancing. You can see the DJ in the background. <<– The winners of the Anniversay Game, y’all!


And finally, a big thank you to all of the vendors that put so much time and energy into making Elyse and Bryan’s day absolutely perfect!

Venue: El Camino Country Club

Day-of Coordinator: Natalie Dane (of El Camino Country Club)

Florist: Silvia of HS Floral Design

Baker: Eccentric International Chefs

DJ: Chris Bland of Solid Gold Professional Entertainment

Makeup: Michelle Gilmore

Hair: Bri Sandoval

Officiant: John Dahlem

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