Elyse and Bryan’s Adventurous Canyon Engagement Session

When Elyse shared with me how they had gotten engaged while hiking on a camping trip, I just knew we had to plan an awesomely-adventurous engagement session. When they requested somewhere nearer to their home in San Diego, I knew just the spot! Annie’s Canyon Trail in Solana Beach! We got together Saturday evening for an adventurous canyon engagement session, followed by a romantic walk back along the lagoon, and everything about it was sheer perfection!

Annie’s Canyon Trail starts with a half-mile walk, followed by a single-file canyon climb to reach a gorgeous lookout point, then down the switchbacks on the far side, and then another half-mile walk back to the start of the trail. It is strikingly beautiful, and worth every step of the canyon climb!

When Bryan popped the question, the first words out of Elyse’s mouth were “Are you fucking joking me?!” (quickly followed by an enthusiastic yes, of course!). Our session had all of the same energy and fun, and we all left with our cheeks aching because we’d been smiling and laughing so much!

Elyse and Bryan, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your special day! We can’t wait to help celebrate your love for each other, and have just as much fun on your wedding day! Watching you two interact with each other is like watching the sun rise: you light up around each other, and that light spreads to everything and everyone else around. I couldn’t help catching you staring at one another when the other wasn’t looking – with these looks of amazement and disbelief that this other amazing human being loved you as much as you love them. It was so beautiful and special to watch you together, and an absolute honor to be able to take photos celebrating this magical time in your lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing us to be a (small) part of your love story!








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