2019 Wedding Trend Predictions

Even though we’re only halfway through August, we are already turning our eyes to the 2019 wedding season, and giving you our predictions for what’s going to be coming into style, staying in style, and what’s on its way out!

What’s Out for 2019 Weddings:

Wedding Favors:

You just threw a huge bash for all of your closest family and friends – trust us: they won’t be missing the jordan almonds or the tiny succulent plant that they can’t bring on the plane home with them anyway! Save the money from favors and use it in another part of your wedding budget where it can make a bigger impact!

Naked Cakes:

Cake is just a frosting delivery system, amiright? We think naked cakes are going to see a decline in favor of frosting! Naked cakes match the shabby chic, rustic theme great, but as those themes start to fall out of fashion, we think the naked cakes are going to go with them.

Large Bridal Parties:

Couples are seeking a wedding experience that feels more intimate (even if they have a large guest list), and one way to accomplish that is to have a smaller bridal party! A good portion of your wedding day is spent with your bridal party before your other guests even show up, and having just a couple close friends and siblings there can set an intimate tone for the whole day.

Photo Booths:

While they have been quite the rage lately, we think they are going to be on the decline. Brides are wanting to give their guests an EXPERIENCE, rather than just the expected first dance, cut the cake, toss the bouquet routine we’ve all come to expect. We think our brides will be branching out and incorporating more unique experience-based things into their wedding day for their guests.

A bride and a groom in a wooded area. The groom is twirling the bride.

What’s Staying in 2019 Weddings:

DIY Food Bars:

Whether it’s a taco bar or a dessert bar, brides are loving being able to give their guests exactly what they want, and how they want it. We don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

Unplugged Ceremonies:

We are seeing more and more brides posting signs or asking their officiants to make an announcement before the ceremony begins asking guests to please keep their phones put away until after the ceremony. Our brides want to see their guests faces and reactions as they walk down the aisle – not the backs of their phones!

First Looks:

We personally love first looks, and are looking forward to seeing this stay in vogue. Aside from affording the bride and groom a personal, intimate first meeting, it also allows for more photos to be taken before the ceremony starts – leaving you, your bridal party, and your guests more freedom to have fun and enjoy yourselves after!


We’ve seen a lot of gold, rose gold, and copper the last couple years, and we don’t think they’re going anywhere. However, we also think silver and gunmetal are gunna join in the fun this year!


Our brides are loving the feeling of bringing nature inside, with greenery galore! We think that will stay the same, but with more bright and soft florals to being some contrast and color!

A bride and groom in a wooded area in front of a lake. The bride is holding a bouquet, and they are about to kiss.

What’s In for 2019 Weddings:

Unique Altars and Ceremony Arches:

We’ve been noticing a lot more unique altars and ceremony arches in styled shoots the last few months, and we think our brides are going to LOVE THEM! (I mean, WE love them, so you probably will too!) From circular hoops dripping with flowers and greenery to arrow shaped arches and floral walls, there is something for every bride’s style in this trend!

Mis-matched Groomsmen:

We’ve seen bridesmaids wearing the same color but different styles, the same style but different shades, and different cuts and shades altogether. But now we think the guys are going to get in on the action! With a cohesive color palette, but allowing the gentlemen to mix and match some stylistic elements (bow ties, traditional dies, suspenders, and waistcoats), we think our brides are going to have a whole lot of fun with this trend!

Deeper, Richer Colors:

As we transition out of 2018 and into 2019, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of deeper, richer color palettes. The neutral with blush color palette that’s been in the last couple years is going to gain some pops of color in the form of jewel tones like emerald, plum, and ruby reds.

Mix and Match Place Settings and Centerpieces:

What started with bridesmaids dresses is carrying over to the reception hall. Mixing and matching both place settings and centerpieces can help thrifty brides keep costs down, while letting them break free from the copy and paste style of traditional wedding reception decor. I think we’ll see this trend expressed in multiple place setting options, centerpiece options, and even linen options throughout the reception hall.

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