Sweet Washington Maternity/Anniversary Session

No family reunion is complete without a photographer capturing special moments, and our family reunion in Washington last week was no exception! Before we all arrived, I sent out a message to everyone asking if they wanted family photos while we were all there, and both my Uncle Erik and Aunt Lisa took us up on the offer! Since we photographed them first, we decided to start with Erik and Katie (sorry Lisa and Jeremy, you’ll be next, I promise!!).

We were doing the math on our trip, and I was horrified to realize that we hadn’t seen each other since their wedding, and they had never even met Charlotte and Teddy!! Living in opposite ends of the state means we don’t see each other much, but TEN YEARS?!?!

Speaking of ten years, they celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary a couple days before the trip, which is just so cool!! On top of THAT, they’re having a BABY!! For me, this was SUCH a special time to capture for them, with so many beautiful, wonderful things going on in their lives. I’m so glad I got to be a part of it, and to reconnect with them after not seeing them for such a long time.

Erik and Katie, watching you guys interact with our children on our trip was just magical to watch! Your little baby is so lucky to have you guys there to love, care, and play with it. If you are even one tenth as engaged as you were with my kids this weekend, you’re going to be amazing parents! Charlotte and Teddy have been talking about you guys all week, asking when they can play with Uncle Erik again! We can’t wait to welcome your new little one earthside, and help you celebrate this amazing time in your lives as it unfolds. Congratulations on your ten year anniversary! We love you guys so much, and we can NOT let ten more years go by without seeing each other!


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