Sweet Woodland Newborn Family Session

When Elizabeth first contacted me, I knew right away I was going to just love her! I mean, come on! We share the same first name (yup, Elle is short for Elizabeth!), and she’s an assistant principle for an elementary school! My college degree is in Early Childhood Education, because originally I was planning on being an elementary or preschool teacher!

Saturday we were finally met for the first time for their sweet woodland newborn family session, featuring little O. who was just 9 days old! Ugh! My heart just swells when I see squishy little newborns, and I couldn’t stop squealing (… literally …) every time I was photographing him. Add in her two older children, who were absolutely AMAZING to work with, and guys, this was seriously just a dream session for me!

L. and A. were so spunky and adorable, and I loved that they were eager to go with the flow and follow any posing suggestions, which isn’t always a given when they’re 6 and 4. But these guys seriously rocked it, and I am so freaking excited to share these photos with you all!

Elizabeth and Jason, I can’t even tell you how much of a pleasure it was to meet and photograph your family! Your kids are so incredibly sweet, and I can’t get over how kind and loving they were towards each other the entire session! You guys are clearly raising them in a kind, loving, and encouraging household, and it shows through in how they act and treat others and each other. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting me to come and share a little piece of your family for a couple of hours! Being around families like yours fill my cup and make my heart swell with love. Little O. is so lucky to have such amazing, loving parents and sweet and caring older siblings!




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