Fun Beach Family Session

The waves crashed against the rocks as they walked along the beach.

Suddenly, John pointed out at the water, “Hey, look over there!” he shouted.

Emily immediately perked up and started searching the sea near where he was pointing, “A shark?! Where? Where?! Is it a shark?” She was almost jumping up and down in excitement to see a shark in the water.

John smiled, “No. Look at this.” When Emily turned around to look at him, he was holding open a little box, and nestled inside was an engagement ring. “Will you marry me?”

Don’t they have the CUTEST engagement story? She was so excited about the “shark” that she was completely surprised about the proposal (even though she had already stumbled on the ring hidden in a drawer at home!). They met in freshman year of high school, and in the words of Emily, “When he met me, he was done!” OMG!! THEY ARE SO CUTE!!

When Emily told me she wanted her family photos on the beach, we had NO IDEA that it was full circle for them as a couple, because John proposed when they were at the beach! So the beach is this magical, special place for them and for their family, and we were so honored to be invited to share this special place with them for their family photos this weekend! We got to enjoy this perfect little evening playing on the beach with their kids. It was a little windy, but so warm that we weren’t cold. The water was so warm, you almost forgot this is the PACIFIC ocean!

We had so much fun chasing her kids around, dipping our feet in the water with them, and helping capture sweet memories for their family to remember for years to come. Their kids are so sweet and energetic, and the perfect reminder for us of WHY we do this: we love capturing LOVE! The love Emily and John have for each other, the love they have for their children, and the love their children have for each other! It was so much fun watching John throwing a ball back and forth with his son, and dancing in and out of the waves with his daughter. Watching Emily twirl with her daughter on the beach, and having a quick snuggle with her son when a big wave scared him. Add in the sound of the crashing waves, the warm sun, and a flock of pelicans flying overhead, and it was a perfect fun beach family session!

Thank you so much, Emily and John, for inviting us to come share a magical evening on the beach with your sweet family! Watching you interact with each other and your kids is so wonderful, and it is so clear to the world just how much you all love each other! You are raising sweet, joyful, amazing little souls, with such adorable personalities and quirks, and we are so grateful we get to be a small part of that! If you ask us if we had fun, we think we’d reply in the words of little E.: “YUM!” (translation: “YES!”)

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