Dreamy Lakeside Anniversary Session

Thirteen years ago, right around the time Elle was picking up her very first point of shoot camera, Disneyland was preparing to release a brand new parade in Disney’s California Adventure: Block Party Bash. What Courtney and Devin didn’t know as they went through the audition process and were selected to be a part of it was that their lives were about to change forever. They didn’t know that they were about to embark on the first chapter of a beautiful love story featuring a family and marriage built on trust, love, and devotion that brings inspiration to those who know them.

Elle has known Courtney since they were kids (they are second cousins after all), but because they didn’t live near each other, visits were few and far between. Since growing up and starting families in neighboring cities, we now see each other almost every week, and have gotten to know them, their kids, and their three adorable dogs so well! One of the things that stands out to us in this day and age of technology and drive-thrus, where we are used to having everything delivered to us, immediately, at the touch of a button, is how they continue to do things the old-fashioned way. Home cooked meals, playdates at the house, a swing set in the backyard, and monthly date nights to keep the romance alive! A true Christian with an amazing heart and compassion for all life, Courtney continues to awe us and push us to continue trying to be the best versions of ourselves.

We’ve gotten to watch them raise two amazing daughters who remind us that with a little polish, a precious gem truly sparkles. And these two girls absolutely sparkle under the polish and guidance of Courtney and Devin’s loving encouragement. They have so much compassion for others, coupled with a pure joy that is truly magical to watch. These girls love our kids so much, and one of Elle’s favorite things is walking into Courtney’s house to the chorus of “Hey!! Charlotte!! Baby Teddy!!” followed by a traffic jam in the doorway as Courtney and the girls all come to greet us and get their first hugs of the day in before the play can start. And when we leave, it’s basically the same in reverse: all the kids piling into the car to give last hugs and kisses while Elle straps the kids into their car seats.

Courtney and Devin, we just want you to know that we see you, your inspiring marriage, your beautiful family that is just bursting forth with love, and we aspire to that too. We have gained so much by friendship with you, and you touch lives everywhere you go. We have loved watching your family and love for each other grow these past few years, and count ourselves so blessed to be a part of your extended family! We know that whatever the future holds, you will face it with grace, gratitude, love, and compassion, together. We love you both so very much!

Happy 7th anniversary! Here’s to many, many more!

Courtney and Devin's 7th Wedding Anniversary Session

Courtney and Devin's 7th Wedding Anniversary Session

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