Great Locations for Photo Shoots in Southern California

Every photographer I know has a list of dream locations they would love to shoot a session at. Of course I would love to shoot in Paris, London, and Ireland, but there are also plenty of places closer to home that I’d love to explore with a photo shoot.

If you are scheduling a photo shoot with me, keep these locations in mind, as I think they would make wonderful backdrops, and they could be a lot of fun! I’ve included links so you can get a little more information about the location, if it interests you.

In no particular order:

La Tour in Laguna Beach: A castle tower built into the side of a cliff right on the beach in Laguna Beach. It reminds me of Rapunzel’s tower, and other photo shoots I’ve seen done there are just fabulous!

Huntington Gardens in San Marino: 12 distinct gardens spread over 120 acres, including a California garden, a Japanese garden, a desert garden, a conservatory, and a rose garden, this would make an AMAZING backdrop for engagement photos especially.

Corona del Mar Tide Pools: The first time we ever did a family photo shoot done, we had them taken at the Corona del Mar Tide Pools, and I love them so much! I would love to do a session here as a photographer, too!

Huntington Beach Pier: I grew up in Huntington Beach, so I have a rather strong attachment to this particular pier. In fact, my first real job was at the Ruby’s at the end of the pier! But is also makes a wonderful photography backdrop!

The Lighthouse in Long Beach: I’ve done a photo shoot in downtown Long Beach, which turned out beautiful, but we didn’t make it down to the lighthouse for photos. I’d love to go back for another session and make sure to include the lighthouse!

Walker Canyon Poppy Fields: The poppies only bloom for a couple of months each year, but they are absolutely spectacular!

Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach: I love the aquarium – it’s one of my favorite places to go, and shooting an engagement session there would be so much fun!

Huntington Beach Central Park: I have done a family photo shoot here before, which was great! But I love how big Central Park is, and there are so many more areas to explore and shoot! I’d love to do another one!

Griffith Park in Los Angeles: Griffith Park is so beautiful, and how have I lived my life in California and never been!?! And to do a photo shoot there would be amazing!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art: The iconic light posts are absolutely sublime, and I love them for a great funky urban photo shoot!

Los Angeles Arboretum: The arboretum is beautiful and would make such a fantastic backdrop for an engagement shoot.

Disneyland: With plenty of options for fun, funky, silly, sweet, and adorable photos at Disneyland and lots of different backdrops to take advantage of all over the park, engagement sessions at Disneyland are awesome!

Crystal Cove State Park: Beautiful beaches with tide pools, and also hiking trails that include wooded areas, desert areas, and spectacular ocean views along the bluff trail.

Quail Hill Trailhead: Give me all the meadows with hill and mountain backdrops!

These are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head, but I will update this list as I think of more or if I get to shoot at any of these locations. They all seem like so much fun, and are so beautiful!

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